Sash windows

If you need to maintain a traditional look, then sliding sash windows provide a stylish feel for any home.

Created using state of the art construction techniques combined with the most traditional of designs, our sash windows look great and perform perfectly every time.

Oriel sliding sash windows come in a range of glazing styles with either lead-weighted or spring mechanisms. There is a full range of ironmongery options to choose from to complete the style you want.

Some of our recent sash window projects include the updating of a number of Victorian and Edwardian houses in London conservation areas and complete new build Georgian style properties in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

Box frame with lead weights:

The traditional box frame, lead- weighted mechanism is the gold standard for sash windows.  They make for properties of distinction and are often used where replacement is needed.

We are able to match any glazing pattern required and depending on planning and building code specifications, can include toughened, laminated and even acoustic glass.

Spring balance:

The spring balance is a cost effective alternative that combines modern manufacturing techniques with traditional design.

Instead of weights concealed in a box frame, spiral springs are used to counter the weight of the moving sashes. These springs are concealed either inside the frame or in discreet sleeves on the edge of the frame.